Interest rates -"To Fix or not to Fix?" seems to be the most popular question

Benefits "Fixed rate loans give certainty to your repayment amounts" If interest rates increase, you will be protected from a repayment increase

Drawbacks "Less flexibility than a variable interest rate loan" If interest rates fall, your repayments will remain the same " Additional repayments may be limited.

If you're unsure of whether to fix your mortgage or not, speak with Daniel your mortgage broker - he is able to run a range of scenarios based on a number of relevant mortgages. Check out latest news & FAQ

Strategy Loans is a home loan brokering company that can assist you with the selection, application and settlement of a home loan. Using information from over 30 different lenders, I can help you choose the lender and loan structure that best suites your finances and lifestyle. Once a loan is selected, I will assist you through the whole process from application to loan settlement. Strategy Loans prides itself on its service to clients, for the initial loan settlement, but also for future loans, refinancing or even property purchase advice. For a free consultation on your different loan choices, just call or e-mail and I can arrange a time to come to your home or office.

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