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Our Mission Statement

When thinking of buying, selling or renovating residential property, clients will be recommended towards Strategy Loans. They will be advised that getting a loan can sometimes seem easy, just go to their local bank and apply for a loan, but in fact setting up for the future, having the correct financial structure and being assisted throughout the entire process is invaluable. Strategy Loans is a mobile home brokering company, concentrating on the Northern Brisbane Suburbs. As Director and Chief Broker for Strategy Loans, He will not only assist clients in securing a first property but also further financing needs, whether that be commercial, further residential, renovation, refinancing and investing.

Our Vision

Strategy Loans will have a reputation of providing professional, unbiased and ethical home loan advice. Strategy Loans will have a holistic approach to financing, taking into account not only clients current financial needs, but also lifestyle, family arrangements and obligations, leisure needs, future and retirement desires and requirements.

Who is Strategy Loans?

Strategy Loans is a home loan brokering company that can assist home buyers with the selection, application and settlement of a home loan. Strategy Loans Pty Ltd, a private company, was started by Daniel Powell in 2007. Daniel entered into the real estate business in 2003 then moved over to Financial Services in 2004 as a Mortgage Broker. Daniel is a full member of the MFAA (Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia) and COSL (Credit Ombudsman Services Limited - dispute resolution) and has completed Diploma of Financial Services. Strategy Loans holds an Australian Credit Licence No: 384250 which enable representatives to engage in credit activities.

What can Strategy Loans do for the home buyer?

Strategy Loans uses information from over 30 different lenders helping the home buyer choose a lender and loan structure that best suits their finances and lifestyle. Once a loan is selected, Strategy Loans will assist through the whole process from loan application to loan settlement. Talking with Strategy Loans can give them the advantage of comparison of interest rates, understanding different loan structures offered by different lenders, home service/visits, assisting with current and future financial structures, and the use of multiple lenders which in some cases can increase their borrowing amount and asset base a lot quicker. In many cases, Strategy Loans can offer a better rate than going direct to the bank. Strategy Loans prides itself on its service to clients, not only on the initial loan application, but also for future loans and refinancing. Lenders & Loan Types Strategy Loans has access to over 30 different lenders including the 4 major banks, a range of building societies and other non bank lenders, many which the public does not have direct access. Strategy Loans can also offer loan structures including Variable, Fixed, Line of Credit, Combination, Bridging, Building, Commercial and many more.

How does Strategy Loans get paid?

Upon settlement of the home buyers loan, the chosen lender pays Strategy Loans a commission based on a percentage of their loan. Because the Lender pays Strategy Loans a wage, the home buyers consultation and entire service with Strategy Loans is at no charge.


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