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Whether you are buying your first home, second, want to invest in property for your future or doing renovations and need to increase your mortgage, Strategy Loans can help. Even if you have already organised finance, it pays to make sure your existing loan or lender can't be bettered, especially in today's competitive loan market.

Daniel Powell from Strategy Loans offers an independent, confidential and complimentary Home Loan Consultation Service. Daniel can visit you at your home or workplace at a time convenient to you, or if you prefer, a quick initial talk over the phone or e-mail. In a typical consultation he can inform you how much you can borrow before you buy based on your income and assets, the best lender, interest rate and loan structure for your lifestyle and needs. This information can save you money and take years off a home loan. Strategy Loans has access to competitive rates and products from more than 30 lenders and we may even be able to find you a better deal with your own bank.

Did you know some banks lend more money than others?

Did you know some banks offer discounted home loans for professionals?

Does your current bank have a package with a lower rate or 'better deal' that you don't know about?

Did you know you can get a discount off an advertised fixed rate?

What is in a repayment?

Is finding the lowest interest your best option?

A repayment, based on a $250,000 loan at 6.8% interest, repaid principle and interest is approximately $376 per week. In comparison, if you found a lower rate at 6.6% interest, your repayment is approximately $368 - a saving of $8 per week. Let's compare a little further. A small difference in interest rate does make a difference to your repayments - 6.80% and 6.78% saves you $4 per month. BUT... consider if you have an account keeping fee of $8 per month, the difference is now $4 in favour of the higher interest rate. Further with this example, if your increase you repayments on the 6.80% rate by $8 (instead of paying the monthly fee) you might reduce your loan term by 24 months, or be able to increase the amount you can borrow by approximately $5,000. Remember, it is not always about the lowest rate!


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